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Stok Kodu: 1179/5/2
 Product DescriptionShanghai GIE OP900 Elevator Door Controller and motor Techinical Features: 1. PM door machine motor is much compact, lighter and easy for installation and commissioning   2. Door operator controller built-in programmable acceleration & deceleration curve a..
Stok Kodu: 165/38/3
 SPON NAS- 8505L IP AUDIO AMPLIFIER● With a compact and a wall-mounted design to save space.● With a high-speed dual-core(ARM+DSP) chip of industrial grade whose starting-up time is ≤1s.● With a built-in digital amplifier of D-class; with a power output(8 ohm) of 2x10W or 2x30W with less emissi..
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